Consuming Vs Creating

One of the very first problems I run into when deciding whether a device is simply capable of being one for consumption or is capable of more, is knowing if it can be used in day to day operations.

Firstly, let’s say for a second that I believed that a smart phone could be leveraged in terms of CPU, memory, etc. you’d still have to overcome some major limitations on general usability.

The first issue I came across is that if I’m going to use a smart phone in my work day, I’m going to be needing a bigger monitor.  The first option is Airplay or Chromecast.  Sure I could do work on my couch, but like many other people, I have multiple monitors and need to be able to use multiple computers for my non-smart phone exec type work.

So the couch is out (for today) though, I’m not against the idea conceptually.  Instead, I need to use a monitor.  The easiest way I found to do this is to buy a simple HDMI adapter.

Photo of a Samsung Monitor Mirroring Me Taking A Photo With the iPhone

The HDMI adapter has two uses.  The first is that it allows you to connect to a monitor.  The second is that it allows you to connect to overhead projectors for when you need to have a meeting and display something.  Yes, your smart phone will become your display for presentations as well – all with one small little dongle that is easily shoved in your bag.

HDMI and VGA Dongles

Once you connect your phone it still acts just like the phone would.  Touch control still works.  Vertical and Horizontal alignment affects layout of the monitor, etc.  But now you have a full sized screen and won’t have to be hunched over all day trying to read things.  Minor usability increases have a huge effect on your ability to produce new content.

Each one of these connectors can set you back around $50 or so.  Some are cheaper, especially non-certified versions.  I haven’t had any problems with any of them, but your mileage may vary.

But wait, that’s not all.  The tiny slot next to the VGA female connector also accepts an iPhone charger cable.  So you can be charging your phone while you work without using any extra cables or parts.  Pretty slick!  It all adds up.

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Robert Hansen

Robert is an executive with a smart phone. Trying to tackle the big meaty problem of mobility, in the modern world where content and creativity are requirements of a job well done.