First Thing’s First

You can’t start a blog without a domain. And for domains you have lots of choices. I’ve loved working with Dynadot and Namecheap has also been great. But for something like this, Godaddy is simply easier. Yep, Godaddy, the same registrar with the semi-chauvinistic ads you see during the superbowl.

Godaddy Ordering Page

There are two reasons to get past the commecials for a project like this. Firstly, they have a somewhat good smart phone app. I say somewhat good because you’ll end up having to use the website in mobile Safari for a lot of the setup. It’s not a terrible app, just low on frills. Behold the DNS configuration screen:

Godaddy Phone App

Nothing to write home about and very light on featurs but if you need to make changes in a pinch, it’s a straight forward GUI.  The bad part comes when you try to configure other parts of their interface. But if that were the only reason to use Godaddy it wouldn’t be worth talking about.

The second reason is because they have a seamless Office365 integration, which makes setting up email accounts relatively painless.

Godaddy Meets Office 365

Office 365 Ordering Page

After setting that up you should be good to go with a domain and an email account. Two things a CEO should never be without!  All in it should cost you about $100 for one year. Next?  The blog itself…

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