Windows Surface Phone

Microsoft is now coming out with a Windows Surface Phone. I personally have mixed feelings about this. Microsoft has certainly got the money and interest in doing this and with Continuum, Microsoft is far and away the furthest in combining the power of the desktop into the form factor of a phone. But there are problems:

  • First, the Microsoft Surface Phone operating system is still Windows. Some people might balk at that just by itself, but I think the Windows Mobile OS is very easy to use. However, from a privacy perspective and with the latest backdoors that have been identified and opened up for anyone who wants access, this is definitely not a good investment if you worry about your security. Maybe Microsoft will come around on this issue, but for now I can’t in good conscious recommend any Windows OS in any form factor until they remove the backdoors.
  • Secondly, the app ecosystem is definitely not as good for the Windows Surface Phone if things stay as they are today. Not even close. I talked with one ex-Microsoft employee who said the strategy will be to integrate as closely as possible with the Android market place so that they can leverage Android apps. That’s smart, and by having Ubuntu under the hood and built into the OS that makes Android integration a lot easier, I’d imagine. But without a strong app ecosystem, I can’t see Microsoft doing well. This will have to be announced along side the Windows Surface Phone or I doubt their sales will be much better than any previous attempts at Windows Mobile devices.

It’s cool, it’s got a lot of promise, but with the backdoors and lack of apps, it’s not something I’d recommend for other Smartphone Execs out there. I bet a lot of this will change for the better, but there’s work to be done. It’s a shame though, because Microsoft does have so many advantages with it’s seamless environment switching due to Continuum. But they won’t be the last to pull that thread, I have no doubt!